1. Maravanthe Beach
Maravanthe Beach
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Maravanthe is a village and a beach near Kundapura, Karnataka, India. Outlook travel considers it one of Karnataka's most beautiful beaches.it is about 115km from industrial hub Mangalore, 55 km from Udupi and 39 km from tourist town of Bhatkal. NH-66 (erstwhile NH-17) runs next to the beach and the Suparnika River flows on the other side of the road, creating a spectacular scenery that is considered the only one of its kind in India.The Suparnika River, which almost touches the Arabian Sea here, makes a U-turn and goes westward to join the sea after a journey of nearly more than 10 km (6.2 mi).

2. Kodi Bengre Beach
Kodi Bengre Beach
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Delta Beach, also known as Kodi Bengre Beach is located in a small sleepy village of Kodi Bengre in Udupi, which lies on the west coast of Karnataka. This place has other neighbouring small islands (locally known as "Kudru"). Delta Beach, has a mini port for fisheries. Here the river "Suvarna" merges with Arabian Sea, so this is a sangama (confluence) place. Delta Beach is situated around 9 kilometers along the Kodi Bengare Hoode Road from Udupi. City buses from Udupi make frequent trips to Kodi Bengre, Kemmanu and Hoode. Delta Beach is just about 10 kilometers from Malpe Beach.

3. Delta Beach
Delta Beach
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4. St Mary's Island
St Mary's Island
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St Mary's Island may refer to:

5. Malpe Beach
Malpe Beach
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Malpe is a natural port in the Udupi District in Karnataka, India. Located at the mouth of the Malpe River about six kilometers to the west of Udupi, it is an important port and a major fishing harbor on the Karnataka coast. The town of Malpe is associated largely with settlements of the Mogaveera fisherman community. Malpe is a hub of Mogaveera population.

6. Kaup beach
Kaup beach
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Kaup (Kapu), is a town in Udupi district of Karnataka, India. It lies on the way between Udupi and Mangalore beside National Highway 66 (previously NH-17). A road from Kaup goes to interior places like Manchakal and Shirva. It is 13 km south of Udupi (a town famous for its ancient Krishna Temple) and 40 km north of Mangalore (chief port city of Karnataka). It is famous for its lighthouse and the three Mariamma temples and a fort built by Tippu Sultan. Kapu is declared as one of the Taluks in Udupi district by Govt of Karnataka. Kapu was renamed as Kaup by the British. There is a beach on the shore of the Arabian Sea and a lighthouse. Many films have been shot at this location. Kaup has three Marigudi which attracts devotees from far away places. The sea is much more rougher and intimidating compared to the gentler Malpe beach in Udupi. It is about 15 km from the university town of Manipal and is a favorite hangout for the students. The beach also sports a shack and a bar with seating in the open sky. Though the sea is mostly calm all year round, there have been isolated cases of drowning in this beach

7. Sunset Point Byndoor
Sunset Point Byndoor
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